Adaptive Headlights: A Great Car Safety Feature

By Kimberly Graf. Published on July 26, 2022

One of the best up-and-coming car safety features are adaptive headlights. It's been available on luxury car models since 2003, but it's beginning to be much more common on other makes and models as time goes on. This amazing system responds to your steering input, and the headlights automatically move to cover the road ahead of you. When you turn normally without this system, the headlights continue to point forward instead of adapting to where you're going.

That's where adaptive headlights are different. Instead of pointing upwards at the top of a hill or forward around a bend in the road, the headlights actively work to light up your path so that you're better prepared for what's coming.

adaptive headlights

If you're traveling in a mountainous area or in a place where there are animals that might be crossing the road, these headlights are almost a requirement. You're going to want to see if there's an animal just outside of the headlight beam, or if there's some other vehicle or obstruction in your lane.

But it's not just for your benefit. Adaptive headlights also prevent you from temporarily blinding other drivers if they are oncoming when you round a curve or top a hill. The beams of the headlights in this system don't ever point up towards other drives, but stay trained on the road so that you have a better idea of what awaits you. That's incredibly convenient for you as well as other drivers.

But how does it work? There are several things that combine to make sure that adaptive headlights work. There are speed sensors on your wheels, so the system can tell how fast you're going and how quickly your wheels are rotating. This helps the headlights know how quickly they need to turn. This also includes a yaw sensor that keeps track of side-to-side motion, so that the car can tell when you're turning.

Close up of the Model 3 LED adaptive headlights

There are small motors attached to each headlight that turn them depending on these factors as well as the angle of the steering wheel. This system works with you to make sure that you can see, based on how you're driving. That's a pretty amazing concept, to be honest.

If you're looking to get this system installed on your car, and your model is compatible, you can definitely get to a shop and get the kit installed. If you're looking to buy a new car that has adaptive headlights as an optional feature, we definitely recommend that you get them! It's been said that these headlights could prevent about 31% of accidents that happen in these specific conditions.

You can't afford not to get these headlights if you've got the chance to. They will change the way you drive at night and make it so much safer for you to hit the road in low-light conditions!

Headlight assistance technology

There are a few car companies that have included these as a standard feature in their cars. This includes Volkswagen, Mazda, Volvo, and Subaru. You can get them added to your Hyundai in the luxury package at the dealership. And if you have the option to be safer and more intuitive while driving, why wouldn't you?


Savage Jack on 7/27/2022, said:

I drive truck for a living and spend the entire night with my hand over the driver side mirror because of insanely bright headlights coming up on me. Whoever it was at the federal level that ok'd these headlights should be executed. Thank God for this technology. It NEEDS to be made mandatory!!!

Lori on 8/13/2022, said:

I agree! I dont even put LED lights on my christmas tree because they hurt my eyes! Its impossible to see comfortably at night when cars have this type of headlight! In fact I feel temporarily blinded. Absolutely should be illegal!

william l crayton on 8/16/2022, said:

where can one get them installed

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