Best Motorcycle Roads in America

By Dejan B.. Published on January 16, 2020

Unlike people with cars who just want the road to be safe and well-maintained, Motorcyclists are always looking for that perfect road with vistas, biker-friendly stops, scenic views, twisties, and curves. Put on your helmet and check out our list of the best motorcycle roads in the US.

Tail of the Dragon (Tennessee)

Tail of the Dragon stretches through 11 miles of the famous US Route 129 and is one of the best roads for motorcycles in the States. The main reason why people love it so much is because Tail of the Dragon contains 300 curves and some of them have cool nicknames like Copperhead Corner and Gravity Cavity. Of course, the scenery is also amazing since the road goes through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The speed limit is 25mph and no trucks are allowed on the road.

Tail of the Dragon fall

Blue Ridge Parkway: North Carolina and Virginia

Blue Ridge Parkway is a spectacular mountain route with 469 miles in length. Every motorcyclist in the US will tell you how going on this route is a dream for many people who love riding motorcycles. It is probably because of the scenic Great Smoky Mountains and many sharp curves. Keep in mind that the speed limit on Blue Ridge Parkway is 45mph and that there are no gas stations on the parkway, so it’s best to exit if you need to fill up your vehicle. Motorcyclists say that it usually takes them two days to complete this ride.

Best Blue Ridge Parkway Overlooks by Motorcycle

Pacific Coast Highway (California)

A 123-mile long route that goes all the way from Orange County to Mendocino County, Pacific Coast Highway will take you on a ride next to beaches, forests, a number of lovely small towns, and cliffs. Since it has sharp drop-offs and because of the heavy fog, motorcyclists are advised to be extremely careful on California State Route 1. You can stop and relax at the frequent turnouts and visit places like Hearst Castle and Olympic Peninsula.

Description of the image Roading at California PacificCoast

River Road: Texas

Following the Rio Grande, River Road is a 17-mile off-road loop going right through the famous Valley of the Gods. Along the way, you will get a chance to see cliffs in different colors, Fort Leaton State Historic Site, stunted forests, and canyons. Located in Texas, River Road route will also take you to the Big Bend Ranch State Park where you can unwind and prepare a picnic.

River Road Named One of Best Motorcycle Rides in Texas

Beartooth Highway (Montana and Wyoming)

A 68-mile section of US Route 212 that stretches from Cooke City and Red Lodge, Beartooth Highway features a number of switchbacks and that's probably why many motorcyclists love it so much. The views of the Shoshone National Forests are breathtaking and the road will bring you to an elevation of nearly 11 000 feet at the Beartooth Pass. Keep in mind that Beartooth Highway is usually closed from October to May because of the snow, heavy winds, and thunderstorms. You should definitely check the weather forecast before going on a ride.

Riding a motorcycle in Beartooth Highway with snow in roadsides

Natchez Trace Parkway (Tennessee)

Did you know that this route was actually a migratory trail for Native Americans? Today, Natchez Trace Parkway is a 444-mile long two-lane parkway which will take you from Nashville to Natchez. Motorcyclists say that the journey usually lasts two days and luckily, trucks are not allowed on the road. You will pass a couple of Civil War battle sites and have a chance to see how a ghost town looks like. Keep in mind that commercial services can't be found on the route, but there are dozens of biker friendly places just off the Parkway.

Motorcyclists on the Natchez Trace Parkway

Going-to-the-Sun Road (Montana)

Going-to-the-Sun Road is the only road that transcends the amazing Glacier National Park and is accessible only during the summer season because of the long snow season. This fabulous 50-mile stretch lasts around 2 hours and offers amazing views of the surrounding area. There are a couple of campgrounds along the away at Glacier National Park and all of them are amazing, but Jackson Glacier Overlook is definitely worth checking out. This road was even featured in the opening scenes of the classic movie the Shining with Jack Nicholson as the lead actor.

Going to the Sun road great motorcycle escape

Coastal Route One (Maine)

Coastal Route One is a 167-mile stretch of road that takes motorcyclists through small seaside villages and a number of historic lighthouses. The road itself has some sweeping curves and it's advised to keep your hands close to the break, especially because a moose can appear on the road. Make sure to try the delicious lobster which is served in a couple of joints near the road. You should also avoid taking the Coastal Route One during the summer season, due to a ridiculously high number of people on motorcycles.



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