Emergency Essentials To Keep In Your Car

By Dejan B.. Published on December 5, 2019

No one really knows what kind of troubles the road can bring and this is why it is important to have all the emergency essentials in your car while traveling. Here is a short list of things you should keep in your vehicle at all times to avoid unnecessary complications in case something goes wrong.

A Spare Tire

Make sure to have a spare tire in good condition with you on the road. Bring a tire iron and tire jack, as it will be impossible to change a tire without these two.

Driving with Spare Tire

Insurance Company Contact Details

In the case of a breakdown, you will need the contact details of your Insurance Company. It usually looks like a credit card and contains all the necessary information that you will need.

Plenty of Water

You never really know what can happen on the road and if there is going to be a gas station nearby. This is why you should always have some bottled water in the car. Imagine if you had to perform some roadside repair without having any water.

9 different bottles of water

Charged Cell Phone

Having a charged phone makes all the difference in the world while on the road. Being able to call someone if something happens is a big plus, so it's important to check if the phone is properly charged before getting behind the wheel.

Fire Extinguisher

Fire Extinguisher can resolve a problem in seconds, therefore, make sure to have one in your car at all times. You never know if and when will a fire extinguisher come in handy on the road.

First-aid Kit

Besides Band-Aids, check if you packed some antiseptic cream, gauze pads, aspirin for a headache, and adhesive tape. I would be wise to bring a flashlight and put in the first-aid kit.

Red bag First-aid Kit for travel

Tire Pressure Gauge

It is advised to periodically check the air pressure in the spare tire and see if it is properly inflated. If it is hot outside, the spare tire can become over-inflated.


Pack some snacks like cereal bars, crackers, and dried fruit. Sometimes the recovery van takes a long time to reach the destination and it's always better if you have some food with you in the car.

Full bowl of snacks

Reflective Triangles

Having road flares in the car is, of course, necessary, but they burn fast and it is always good to have a small reflective triangle. Get at least two reflective triangles, one directly in front of the car, and the second behind the vehicle.


Peg Lang on 12/17/2019, said:

My Prius does not have a spare tire or a "dummy" tire.

Shou Kenta on 1/26/2020, said:

My Prius has a spare tire- I'm puzzled as to why yours doesn't.

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