How Often to Stop on a Road Trip

By Dejan B.. Published on January 30, 2020

Safety always comes first and taking regular breaks during road trips is very important. Long drives can be stressful not only for the driver but also for other passengers in the vehicle. If you are wondering how often you should take breaks on a road trip, I guess you'll just have to read on and find out.

What Influences the Number of Stops on a Road Trip?

Experts say how there are many factors that influence the number of rest periods on a road trip. Factors such as the weather on the road and time of the day determine how often the driver should stop and rest a bit. It also depends on the how of an experienced driver you are and how many hours of sleep did you get the night before. The general rule is that you should drive between two and three hours before making a stop, but as I said it all depends on several factors. In case you feel like taking a break after only 90 minutes of driving simply because for some reason you feel tired, you should definitely do so.

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Fewer Stops means Longer Breaks

An important rule is that is that drivers who make fewer stops during a road trip need to have longer breaks. For instance, a person behind the wheel who likes to stop more frequently during a long trip can have short breaks, while drivers who make stops every 3 hours should rest for at least 20 minutes before going back on the road. Of course, you also need to think about other passengers who are in the car with you and try to schedule breaks together with them. In case you are driving with a child or a pet, it is advised to make more frequent breaks than you would usually make if you were alone in the car.

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Make the Best out of your Breaks

The good news is that you can make stops at cool and interesting places. Imagine that you already know before the trip how there will be a park or a nice countryside spot on the way to your destination. You can schedule a stop here to stretch your legs, rather than taking a break at a regular gas station where there is not much to do or see. If you are not in a hurry and there is a beach along the way, why not go for a swim or get some fresh air. This will clear your mind and you will be as good as new for the road ahead.

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What Have we Learned?

It all comes down to knowing when the time is right to stop and not pushing yourself to the limits while on the road. If you feel like stretching your legs a bit or even taking a power nap, pull over and get some rest.

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