Memorial Day Weekend Destinations

By Kimberly Graf. Published on May 20, 2018

Memorial Day is almost here, and you know what that means. Spring is coming to an end, and summer is about to make her grand appearance. Welcome the warmer weather and outdoor season with some great events around the United States – some of them are themed towards Memorial Day itself, while others are opportunities to welcome summer in the best way possible!

Memorial Day

Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is a popular vacation spot on the border between California and Nevada. It's a great place to go at any time during the year, but during Memorial Day weekend, it's an especially great location! There are so many things going on here, but let's just look at a few.

Lake Tahoe crystal clear water

The Car and Bike Show will be taking place all weekend long, and includes a poker walk, a lot of sidewalk sales and vendors, as well as a free show. It's open to everyone, and at the end of the show, there will be 25 different trophies awarded. If this is something that you're into, you won't want to miss this show!

Memorial Day Weekend is the kickoff of Lake Tahoe's Summer Concert series. At the shops in Heavenly Village, it's a showcase of local talent and talent from the surrounding area, every weekend from Memorial Day until Labor Day. On this weekend, the bands playing are Revival and Left of Centre, which are both local talents that are definitely worth checking out!

Great Camping and Fishing Areas this Memorial Day Weekend Plumas National Forest

And if none of that strikes your fancy, there's the Memorial Day Tahoe Camping weekend. This is a camper's meetup that you can sign up for. Hang out with other people who love to camp as much as you do during this weekend-long event.

There is, of course, the beauty and joy of Lake Tahoe itself. Go swimming in the crystal clear waters and party on the beach like the hosts of other tourists. It's a great place to go and herald the beginning of summer!

Washington, DC

What better way to experience Memorial Day than at our nation's capital? The birth of our nation has never been more exciting than with the events that happen just about every year here, where the country began! There's the National Memorial Day parade, which is quite literally the Memorial Day Parade in the country! It includes people in costumes celebrating the heritage of our nation. There are Memorials at Arlington National Cemetery for all of the people who have given their lives to keep our country free, which you can attend and participate in even if you don't have a loved one buried here.

Annual Memorial Day Cemetery Mass

There's also the Annual Memorial Day Concert, which takes place later on in the afternoon. If you're bored between events or want to spend more than just Memorial Day itself here, you can check out some of the other museums and historic places here. It is, after all, the birthplace of America! That's something that they take very seriously.

You can even spend your time here to see the White House, the center of the government for our country, from across its vast front lawn. Washington, DC is a showcase of all the things that make America who she is, past, present, and future.

Colonial Williamsburg

This is another place that is obviously open for most of the year, but you can make it special by going during the Memorial Day weekend. Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia is a fully-functioning model of what the town would have looked like during the Revolutionary War. It's full of people in costumes, educational tours, and exhibits that focus on the lives of the people who made our country free.

Drummers Call at Colonial Williamsburg

During Memorial Day weekend, they have a commemorative program. A fife-and-drum procession leads you to the site where Revolutionary War and Civil War veterans are buried. It runs from the Governor's Palace down to the Bruton Parish Church. Here, there are musket volleys from period-true pieces, lead prayers, and a wreath-laying ceremony.

Colonial Williamsburg has two art museums that you can access with admission, as well as trade shops that are authentic to 18th Century life – including print shops, blacksmith shops, and various others. The price of admission gives you access to all of this, plus access to all of the historical sites that they boast. There's never been a better time to go and experience this.

There are other events here as well – you can learn to fire a musket, watch and walk through various exhibits, and experience the village as it once was. It's a great Memorial Day experience for the whole family!


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