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By Dejan B.. Published on August 27, 2020

Going on the road with your car comes with great responsibility and the most important thing is to reach your destination safely. We all share the same responsibilities in traffic and there are a number of rules that help us stay safe on the road. Whether you are going for a drive to the other side of town or driving to another country by car to a business meeting, you should always concentrate on the road and remember that safety comes first. Check out our list of top safe driving tips.

Get enough sleep

Make sure to get enough sleep before getting behind the wheel, especially if the drive is long. It is very dangerous to drive tired and having a good night's sleep will make you feel more alert in traffic. Once you wake up, eat something before you start driving. It’s good to have energy while on the road.

A Good Night’s Sleep Helps Keep Your Driving Record Clean

Do a safety check

Don't forget to do a safety check before you start driving. Adjust all mirrors and make sure that all the lights are working. Check if the tires are inflated and look if the seats are adjusted.

Keep Your Vehicle Maintained

Having a car in a good working condition is not a luxury and making sure that tires have plenty of air and that fluids are topped off is essential before going on the road. If you hear some strange sounds coming from your car or just feel that something is not right, it's always better to visit a mechanic than to go on a long road trip without having a professional take a look at it first.

Know where you are going

It is not recommended to check your map and see which road to take while operating your car. Plan ahead your travel route and save yourself the hassle of choosing the perfect route and driving at the same time.

If you don

Buckle up

One of the most important tips for drivers is to put their seat belt on before hitting the road. It's not only that you can get injured in case of an accident; you can also get a fine from the authorities if you are not buckled up.

Obey all signs and speed limits

If you want to arrive safely at your destination, it is important to obey all the signs on the road while driving. Pay attention to the signs on the road, as they are placed on the road for a good reason. Watch out for speed limits while driving and obey the speed restrictions at all times. It doesn't matter if you are in a hurry or not, it is important to follow rules and regulations in traffic.

Keep your eyes on the road

Notice what is going on right behind you with the help of your mirrors every 5 seconds. Also, check constantly what is happening on the sides of the road. If there are many cars on the road, keep your eyes moving and concentrate on what’s going around you.

when you drive, always keep your eyes on the road. To enjoy the view, only stop in a safe place where you can park the car with no problems.

Take breaks often

You should take a break every two hours, even if you are not feeling sleepy. Stop at a gas station for a cup of coffee or a snack. You can also take a short stroll around the parking lot to stretch your legs. In case you are tired, pull over at the closest gas station and take a power nap.

Keep your distance

Many people say that a really good driver is a defensive driver and they are totally right. Keep your distance in order to maintain a safe distance between your car and other vehicles around you. It is not recommended to drive close to other vehicles, as it may end in a car accident.

No Distractions are allowed

Distracting yourself with basically anything that will take your attention off the road is very dangerous. Multi-tasking is not recommended and your main priority is to focus on your car and what’s happening around you on the road. There are many examples of distractions that you should definitely avoid such as looking at the passengers who are in the backseat, constantly changing CD's, and eating while driving.

how to deal with distractions

Don't use your cellphone

One of the things that people often do is talk on their cell phones while driving. First of all, phones will distract you from the traffic and you won't concentrate on the road ahead. Second of all, many studies have shown that using your phone while driving increases your chances of an accident by 400%. The same goes out for texting on the road. If you really need to make a phone call or write a text message, pull over to a parking lot and make your call from there.

Check your fluid levels

When you stop at the gas station to fuel up, check your fluid levels. You should also make sure that nothing leaks from the vehicle and do a quick check-up before continuing your journey.

Respect yellow lights

A yellow sign is not there to tell you to rush through the crossing before it turns red. Its main function is to notify you that you should prepare to stop. There are many road accidents that are caused by impatient drivers who want to make it through an intersection while the yellow light is already fading.

yellow lights at night in the road

Share the road (You are not alone)

All drivers should be treated with respect and everyone in traffic is equal. It is important that all drivers are there for each other, simply because safety comes first. Remember, you are not the only one on the road.

Check the Weather Forecast

Look at the weather forecast before you get behind the wheel. If it's going to be super-hot, make sure to bring plenty of water and stay hydrated. If there is a storm coming, maybe it is better to wait until it goes away and then hit the road.


Yaime on 9/14/2020, said:

I wish more ppl followed this tips! thanks for putting this together it is an important topic

Jacqi on 12/16/2020, said:

I grew up driving in Massachusetts - so here are some pointers that I have: - Learn how to navigate a rotary or round-about. - Learn how to parallel park on both sides of a one-way city street. - Blinkers are THERE. Please use them. I'll give you a break if you do that.

Gail on 12/23/2020, said:

You never know the condition of the other drivers. So assume that everyone else is a damn fool. My father told me that at age 17 when I started driving. Made it to age 68 without an accident. Plus the Grace of Good. Driverless cars. Cheap,available, Seniors will really benefit!

Mary on 1/4/2021, said:

Extremely good helpful information. I’m 68. I received three tickets when I had minor children. Distracted, felt the need to direct peace in the back seat. I am defensive driver. My adult children are good drivers without accidents.

Gary on 2/14/2021, said:

Blinkers, blinkers, blinkers. Use them when turning and when changing lanes. Drive defensively. How many accidents are caused by people merging onto a highway, and the flow of traffic makes no allowances for the incoming vehicles? Merging into traffic? Do so at speed, not at a slow 40 MPH! • B-Safe!

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