Top 8 Beaches in Los Angeles

By Dejan B. Published on June 5, 2017

Spending a day on the beach in Los Angeles is a unique experience and there are so many cool places to choose from. If you are looking for that perfect beach for surfing or want to go to a place where you and your partner can have a romantic picnic, check out our list of top beaches in Los Angeles and find out which beach suits you best.

Leo Carrillo State Beach

Leo Carrillo State Beach is a 1.5-mile long beach that is famous for its caves, marine life, surfing, and rock formations. Many famous Hollywood blockbusters such as Gidget and Inception were shot right here, and the beach was named after Leo Carrillo who was an actor and a radio performer. If you feel like going for a short stroll, there are several hiking trails in the area.

Leo Carrillo State Park – Staircase Beach

Venice Beach

Famous for its long boardwalk that is always packed with street performers and bodybuilders, Venice Beach is all about surfing and the sand. There are a couple of basketball courts, surfboard rental places, and shops on the boardwalk, as well as a skate park and dozens of restaurants. Keep in mind that parking is a bit tight over the weekends and there are usually large crowds of people hanging out at the Venice Beach.

People walking on a boardwalk and lounging on grass, with palm trees

Santa Monica State Beach

Perfect for families with children, Santa Monica State Beach is located north of the Santa Monica Pier and is one of the most visited beaches in Los Angeles. It is 2 miles long and offers spectacular views of the Santa Monica Mountains. If you want to take a break from chilling in the sun, go to Santa Monica Pier that features plenty of activities and attractions including an amusement park, plenty of shops, and an aquarium. You can also rent bikes here or play volleyball with friends.

Santa Monica, California Sunset, Santa Monica Pier

El Matador Beach

There are many people who will tell you that El Matador Beach is the most romantic spot in the city and they are totally right. It is located just a short drive from Malibu and is well-known for its hidden caves rocky shores, and crystal clear water. Those who wish to get away from all the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles will definitely find some peace and quiet in the peaceful coves. Did you know that El Matador Beach is a popular spot for photo shoots and attracts many celebrities and models?

El Matador Beach, Malibu, USA

Redondo Beach

Redondo Beach is probably best-known for Georgette, a giant white shark that you can see at the famous Shark Attack. Go to the yellow submarine for amazing views of underwater sea life through big glass windows. Travelers who are visiting the Redondo Beach for Independence Day should go to the Redondo Beach Pied to watch the fireworks. There are also free concerts during the summer season, as well as the Kite Festival which takes place in March.

Redondo Beach in Los Angeles, California

Manhattan Beach

Ideal for sunbathing and playing volleyball, Manhattan Beach is quite popular among both locals and tourists. Go to the aquarium that is located at the end of the pier and check out all of the cool sea creatures there. If you are in the mood for surfing, you should know that only the north side of the pier is reserved for surfers. What I like about the Manhattan Beach is that there is always something going on and there are a number of restaurants worth visiting. The only downside is that the beach attracts a lot of people and sometimes it is impossible to find a place to park.

Manhattan Beach, LA

Zuma Beach

Zuma Beach is famous for its white sand, clean waters, and surfing. It is quite a popular place on weekends but is relatively quiet on workdays, which makes it perfect for travelers who are looking to have some privacy. Those who wish to go for a long stroll can head out to the Point Dume that features great hiking paths. If you come to Zuma Beach in winter, there is a chance that you will see a couple of dolphins. Keep in mind that there are not a lot of eateries in the area, so it's best to pack some snacks on your way to the Zuma Beach.

Zuma Beach, Malibu, California

Malibu Surfrider Beach

Boasting spectacular surf breaks, Malibu Surfrider Beach is also home to the Adamson House which is a historic site that features artifacts from Malibu. Besides people-watching and surfing, you can check out the Malibu Lagoon Museum and hear a thing or two about the history of this region. Saltwater fishing and bird-watching are some of the most popular activities here at Malibu Surfrider Beach, but if you want to relax and chill, feel free to put your beach towel in the sand and get some sun ten.

Malibu Surfrider Beach, Malibu, California


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