What to Do When You Witness a Car Accident

By Dejan B.. Published on June 7, 2017

There is always a chance that you will witness a car accident while driving your vehicle on the road. In these situations, it is extremely important to have some basic knowledge of what to do. Follow these steps and try to make the best of the situation until the police arrive.

Your Safety Comes First

If there is a car crash, you should pull over to the side of the road. You need to be careful and remember that your safety comes first in these situations. There is a risk of fire, broken glass, or flames, so make sure to pull over at a safe distance. Make sure to put on your hazard lights for protection.

Stay Calm and Don't Panic

It is extremely important to stay calm in case you have witnessed a car crash in front of you. Panic can lead to danger and that is something you should avoid.

Call the Police

Two cars have crashed and you are the first one on the scene. Call the police immediately. Explain to the 911 operator that you saw a car accident, inform them about the number of passengers in other vehicles, notify the authorities of the location of the accident, and provide more details if needed.

Phone dialing 911 during car accident

Check on the victims

As soon as you are sure that it is safe to approach the spot where the car accident happened, check on the victims of the crash to see if they are okay. If you are in the position of offering help to the victims, do so. In case the person is injured don't move the victim because that can make the injury worse. This rule doesn't apply if there is a risk of the car catching fire, and in this case, you should try and get the person out of the vehicle.

Give a Statement to the Police

Once the police arrive, make sure to give all the relevant information about the accident. Don't discuss with the authorities whose fault it was, because this can lead to complications and consequences. Focus on the car accident and leave them your contact information. They will probably call you in a couple of days.

people talking after a crash

Leave the Medical Treatment to the Professionals

Don't try to provide any medical treatment to the victim unless you have training in EMT. This is not a time to play the role of a hero if you don't possess the necessary medical training for these situations. Wait for the authorities and they will do their job as soon as they arrive.


Alex on 10/9/2017, said:

Get an emergency kit!

delphino on 11/12/2017, said:

DO not provide your direct mobile number to the police; it will become PUBLIC record. Setup a forwarding number, or provide literally any other number. I had to give up my last awesome mobile number because I gave it in a police report witnessing a collision.

Quesada on 3/13/2018, said:

Check on the victims and help them get out of the road. Thanks

Luigi on 12/20/2021, said:

What are the consequences if I do not share my phone number with the police or give a made up number??

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