Distance from Kamsack, SK to Fermont, QC


4,452 km


2 days 1 hour

Gas Cost

$295 - $709

There are 2,354.35 km (1,462.93 miles) from Kamsack to Fermont in east direction and 4,451.45 km (2,766 miles) by car and ferry, following the 389 route.

Kamsack and Fermont are 2 days 1 hour far apart, if you drive non-stop for 2 days 1 hour and take a ferry for 9 minutes .

This is the fastest route from Kamsack, SK to Fermont, QC. The halfway point is Fauquier, ON.

Please note the time difference between Kamsack, SK and Fermont, QC is 2 hours. The current time in Kamsack is 11:02 pm (Aug 19) and the current time in Fermont is 1:02 am (Aug 20).

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