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Distance from Sidney, BC to Manitou, MB


2,322 km


1 day 1 hour

Gas Cost

$154 - $370

There are 1,808.57 km (1,123.80 miles) from Sidney to Manitou in east direction and 2,322.28 km (1,443 miles) by car and ferry, following the 1 E route.

Sidney and Manitou are 1 day 1 hour far apart, if you drive non-stop for 1 day and take a ferry for 1 hour 44 mins .

This is the fastest route from Sidney, BC to Manitou, MB. The halfway point is Tilley, AB.

Please note the time difference between Sidney, BC and Manitou, MB is 2 hours. The current time in Sidney is 6:50 am and the current time in Manitou is 8:50 am.

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Gas Consumption and Emissions

A car with a fuel efficiency of 8.9 l/100 km will need 206.66 liters of gas to cover the route between Sidney, BC and Manitou, MB.

The estimated cost of gas to go from Sidney to Manitou is $274.24.

During the route, an average car will release 4,943.38 kilograms of CO2 to the atmosphere. The carbon footprint would be 2,471.69 kilograms of CO2 per kilometer.

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Halfway Point Between Sidney, BC and Manitou, MB

If you want to meet halfway between Sidney, BC and Manitou, MB or just make a stop in the middle of your trip, the exact coordinates of the halfway point of this route are 50.470949 and -111.688521, or 50º 28' 15.4164" N, 111º 41' 18.6756" W. This location is 721.43 miles away from Sidney, BC and Manitou, MB and it would take approximately 12 hours 54 mins to reach the halfway point from both locations.

Closest City or Town to Halfway Point

The closest town to the halfway point is Tilley, AB, situated 777 miles from Sidney, BC and 671 miles from Manitou, MB. It would take 14 hours 27 mins to go from Sidney to Tilley and 11 hours 30 mins to go from Manitou to Tilley.

Weather in Sidney and Manitou

Compare the weather today and the next four days in Sidney, BC and Manitou, MB:


Light rain throughout the week.

Apr 1
Apr 2
Apr 3
Apr 4
Apr 5
Rain Rain Rain Partly cloudy day Clear day
50° 39° 49° 38° 50° 36° 53° 38° 55° 36°
52% Rain probability 82% Rain probability 39% Rain probability 16% Rain probability 0% Rain probability
11 237 degrees 6 198 degrees 5 256 degrees 6 325 degrees 4 163 degrees


Snow (1–3 in.) tomorrow.

Apr 1
Apr 2
Apr 3
Apr 4
Apr 5
Partly cloudy day Snow Fog Fog Wind
31° 33° 22° 26° 11° 24° 26° 11°
0% Rain probability 72% Rain probability 28% Rain probability 20% Rain probability 19% Rain probability
11 201 degrees 9 198 degrees 13 1 degrees 15 26 degrees 20 354 degrees

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Distance conversions

Checkout the distance in miles, kilometers and nautical miles between Sidney, BC and Manitou, MB in this table:

Distance type Miles Kilometers Nautical miles
Straight line distance 1,123.80 mi 1,808.57 km 976.55 nautical mi
Driving distance 1,443 mi 2,322.06 km 1,253.81 nautical mi

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